• The only child of immigrant parents, Pete Seat is a former White House spokesman, a nationally-recognized Millennial political analyst, an Atlantic Council Millennium Fellow and Council on Foreign Relations Term Member, not to mention an entertaining, insightful and slightly hilarious professional speaker. Known for his astute political analysis and understanding of his Millennial Generation, Pete Seat has appeared on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Yahoo! News and NewsMax TV programs a combined 100+ times. He is also the author of The War on Millennials, the definitive guide to the generational grievances and political preferences of Millennials. His keynote presentations are specifically tailored for corporate, association and political events domestically and internationally.



  • The tension is palpable. In the workplace, in politics and across the world, Millennials and Generation Z are the new game in town and they're ruffling feathers. In this motivating, inspiring and engaging keynote presentation, an actual Millennial demystifies his generation and talks about how we can diffuse the tension by harnessing the work ethic and worldview of the Now Generation along with the wisdom of the generations that have been there and done that. This session isn't only for Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z - it's event for Generation X, too!


  • Millennials are maddening! The most diverse generation in American history lives absent a clear cut ideology, both confounding and frustrating to the political and business leaders charged with representing the next generation's interests. In this data-driven keynote presentation, the nation's leading Millennial Political Analyst dissects the numbers to explain what Millennials really think and want and how every generation can become champions of the future. 


  • Facing a mid-life crisis, the post-World War II liberal world order is confused, discouraged and questioning its future. But there is a path forward and it's found in the work ethic, worldview and mindset of the Now Generation. Supportive of democracy and promoters of disruption, the world's rising Millennials and Generation Z leaders may have cracked the code to lasting prosperity and security, but will anyone listen? In this data-driven keynote presentation delivered by an Atlantic Council Millennial Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations Term Member and NextGen global leader, learn how to see the world through the eyes of the next generation in order to reenergize the liberal world order for another 70 years.


  • A rising China, an increasingly belligerent Russia, automation, migration and the strength of international alliances are just five of the eight global challenges that will redefine the lives of the next generation - the Now Generation. Are all the generations prepared to tackle these challenges together today or will inaction lead to certain catastrophe tomorrow? This engaging and enlightening keynote presentation describes in vivid detail the challenges we face and offers workable solutions that will ensure life is better for the next generation than it was for those who came before. 


  • "His content was informative, entertaining and inspiring. These are elements that every remarkable speech must have, and he delivered. The final touch was the personal one-on-one interactions he made time for so that anyone who wanted to sit down and talk with him personally got that opportunity. His charisma was inviting and most in attendance took to him immediately."

    J.D. Beckley, Blackford County Republican Party

  • "Pete Seat's signature sense of humor and his good nature in dealing with reporters made him a popular figure in the second Bush Administration."

    John Gizzi, Newsmax

  • "Pete shared his experience as a Millennium Fellow with our Rotary and his thought provoking talk left us all feeling more enlightened. His unique experience following Syrian refugees into Turkey left us with a greater understanding of a current world issue but gave us hope. Pete is an engaging speaker with a valuable perspective."

    Bob Stolz, President, Lafayette Rotary