• The only child of immigrant parents, Pete Seat is a former White House spokesman, nationally-recognized political commentator and Millennial Generation expert, and an annual World Series traveler, not to mention an entertaining, insightful and slightly hilarious speaker. Known for his astute political analysis and understanding of Millennials, Pete Seat has appeared on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and Yahoo News!, in addition to authoring the book, The War on Millennials. He's a well-versed speaker and commentator who can tailor a presentation for corporate, non-profit, association, political or campus events.



  • Whether your event is a political symposium, a corporate conference discussing the Washington landscape or a college campus wanting to bring in diverse opinions, Pete Seat is the speaker for you. He's more than just a political pundit with a rhyming name. He's a former White House spokesman who has traveled aboard Air Force One, advised governors, senators and even the current Vice President of the United States.


  • Pete Seat gets Millennials because he is a Millennial. He's a recognized expert and authority on the topic of his generation having studied the likes, dislikes, habits and quirks of Millennials for years. He authored the book, The War on Millennials, to shine a light on the challenges his generation faces and he knows from personal experience how to work with them, for them and how to stop working against them.


  • First, there was the Never-Missed-A-Super-Bowl Club. Then, there was Pete Seat. Since 2006, he has made an annual pilgrimage to the Fall Classic, sometimes with little more than a hat, a jacket and his iPad. From a tradition that started on a whim to watching his beloved Cubs make it for the first time in 108 years, Pete Seat has a perspective on the World Series that no one else can lay claim to.


  • An entertaining, insightful and slightly hilarious presenter, Pete Seat has the skills to keep your audience engaged and the conversation moving. A former White House researcher, he also brings a level of detail and attention to moderating panels and emceeing events that will impress any audience. He thinks of himself as James Lipton without the beard or the TV show.


  • "Pete Seat delivered an excellent presentation...it was thoughtful, interesting, and politically balanced. Undergraduates were engaged throughout the talk."

    Christopher M. Jones, Northern Illinois University

  • "Pete Seat’s signature sense of humor and his good nature in dealing with reporters made him a popular figure in the second Bush Administration."

    John Gizzi, Newsmax

  • "Pete Seat is a voice well worth listening to in order to understand contemporary communication and how that is being used by policymakers and those who cover them."

    Bert Rockman, Purdue University