Thirteen Years. Ten Cities. One Dream.

  • World Series Games Attended:

    1. 2001 - Game 2 (Diamondbacks vs. Yankees)
    2. 2001 - Game 7 (Diamondbacks vs. Yankees)
    3. 2006 - Game 2 (Tigers vs. Cardinals)
    4. 2007 - Game 3 (Rockies vs. Red Sox)
    5. 2008 - Game 3 (Phillies vs. Rays)
    6. 2009 - Game 4 (Phillies vs. Yankees)
    7. 2010 - Game 3 (Rangers vs. Giants)
    8. 2011 - Game 4 (Rangers vs. Cardinals)
    9. 2012 - Game 3 (Tigers vs. Giants)
    10. 2013 - Game 3 (Cardinals vs. Red Sox)
    11. 2014 - Game 4 (Giants vs. Royals)
    12. 2015 - Game 4 (Mets vs. Royals)
    13. 2016 - Game 4 (Cubs vs. Indians)
    14. 2017 - Game 4 (Astros vs. Dodgers)
    15. 2018 - Game 2 (Red Sox vs. Dodgers)
  • For a total of 13 years now, Pete Seat has attended one World Series game each year without interruption. He's made stops in Detroit (twice), Denver, Philadelphia (twice), Dallas (twice), St. Louis, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Houston and Boston on this odyssey (or is it obsession?) of his. Of course, when people first learn of the tradition either in conversation or by noticing the World Series attire he wears at the games and in his daily life from time-to-time, the question is always, "Why?" Why does he do it? Why does he drop everything to fly to one World Series game every year even though his beloved Cubs (usually) aren’t on the field? The answer is easy: why not?

    There is no better way to watch America's Pastime than at the Fall Classic. With the exception of the 2016 World Series, Pete never roots for any team in particular, save the home team if the fans around him require an extra hand to high five after critical plays. Instead, he roots for a successful World Series (which, as the 1994 strike proved, is no foregone conclusion).

    Without the pressure of being a fan of a participating team, his chest doesn't tighten when the bases are loaded and two men are out. He could really care less about the outcome of a fly ball near the wall or a close play at the plate. Without that added stress, he's found ample time to stare out at the perfectly manicured Arch in the outfield of Busch Stadium, chomp down on a Philly Cheesesteak at Citizens Bank and live in the moment as Ray Charles did a sound check on the field before a game (this unexpected moment came courtesy of a pre-game meal at the TGIF inside Bank One Ballpark). It's those moments that make his annual, hectic adventure worth every second.

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